South Australia has more wonderful seafoods rather than rock lobsters. There are also many species of crabs that taste amazing. We have collected some of the most popular species in our website:

Spanner Crab: Wild spanner crab live in a depth of over 100m of the inshore. They are always buried in sands to attack the bottom-dwelling fishes. This species of crab is also called Frog Crab or Red Frog Crab.

  • Season: Spanner Crab is available from Jan to Oct of the year. Peak season will be Jul to Oct
  • Size and Weight: Normally with a width of 8-10 cm in carapace and wights at around 400g
  • Cooking Method: Steam, boil or

Mud Crab: Wild mud crab prefers shallow water with muddy bottom in mangroves. They are also named Black Crab or Green Crab.

  • Season: Mud crab’s peak season will be Jan to Apr of the year, but it is available year-round.
  • Size and Weight: Mud crab are normally with giant size(around 15-20 cm in carapace width) and they can weight up to 1-3KG
  • Most humane and easiest way: frozen for 45 mins, split in half and place into boiling water. Also popular way to cook: Steam, poach, deep-fry.

Brown Crab: Lives close to inshore, you may also find them on shores sometimes(normally at nights). They are also know as Cancer Pagurus.

  • Season: Peaks at Sep to Mar of the year.
  • Size and Weight: Brown Crab’s normal size will be around 15cm in carapace width, their weight are around 1.5KG.
  • Cooking Method: boil is the most common way.

Snow Crab: Snow crab lives 80km off the cost of western Australia. Famous for its sweet and firm meat. Also know as Crystal Crab.

  • Season: Peak season of snow crab will be during Nov to Mar of the year.
  • Size and Weight: normally snow crab can weight up to 600-1000g.

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