More About Western Australia Lobster(also called Rock Lobster or Crayfish):

  1. Taste and texture of the lobster:
    Western Australia Lobster meat has a firm texture. The taste of this kind of lobster will bring you a sweet-medium flavor with an incredibly rich taste. Thanks to the firm texture, Australia lobster meat can well retain the shape in almost all kind of styles of cooking.
  1. Nutrition Values:
    Australia lobster can provide you diversevitamins and other mineral nutrition value which includes:
    1) Vitamin B12, Vitamin E
    2) Zinc & Copper(enhance immunity )
    3) Selenium (supporting healthy thyroid)
  • Omega-3 fatty acids (Lower blood pressure)

*Lobsters will be best fit for people who need high volume of protein, people with high blood pressure and people who are in recovery stage.

  1. Size of Australia Lobster:
    There are a large rangeof sizes you can select in our website, our lobster from Size A to Size G can range from a weigh of 400g to 3.5KG. The most popular size of lobster will be around 1KG.
  1. The best season to taste Australia Lobster: from April to Oct of the year
  1. How to storeAustralia Lobsters: Lobster are supposed to be place in fridge between 3℃-8℃ if there is a need. Not suggest to keep the lobster in fridge over 2 days. Before placing lobsters in the fridge, it is suggested to clean the live lobsters beforehand to prevent infection and maintain a fine quality.
  1. Ways to cook Lobster:

There are lots of ways to cook Lobster, but the most popular way will be:
1) Lobster Roll

  • Lobster and summer fruit salad
  • Lobster E-fu Noodles (A signature Chinese dishes)
    4) Lobster BBQ or grill
    5) Lobster Hotpot …
  1. Purchase: purchase Western Rock Lobster now in Adelaide, you will get a free delivery within the next days you place the order.

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