Australia live oysters are very well-known for its special characters. With strong and signature taste of the salted water, the Australia oysters taste extra sweet.

Australia live oysters has a similar texture with French oysters in creaminess while its special taste is something that French oysters cannot match. Thanks to the strong salty taste, Australia oyster allow you to experience the extra freshness and less sense of greasy.

The most suitable season to taste Australia oysters will be winter, which means between Aug-Jan of the year. During winter season, Australia oysters are in most plumpy situation.
Our oysters are mostly from Coffin Bay, South Australian. And, now you can get these live oyster in fresh in Adelaide for free delivery.

  • The best way to keep oysters fresh: placing the oysters in the fridge between 5℃ to 15℃.
  • After being placed in the fridge, oysters are recommendedto be consumed within 2 days.
  • When placing oysters in the fridge, please make sure the flat side of the shell facing up to make sure water be kept within the shell.
  • Place the oysters on the ice ONLY when tasting.
  • The best way to taste Australia oysters: taste in fresh(not adding anything) or just with 1-2 drops or lemon juice.
  • Delivery: Nocturnally, delivery will be done with in the next day you place order.

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