Prawns & Scampi

Prawns is one the most common seafood species beside lobster and crabs in Australia. Based on sustainable rules, Australia government still allow to fish around 20,000 tones of wild prawns per year.

Prawns in Australia comes with a lot of species. Most popular species includes:

Tiger Prawn: Tiger prawn includes Brown Tiger Prawns and Grooved Tiger Prawns. Tiger Prawns are not only looking goods with its distinctive stripes, they also taste amazing. Tiger Prawn is can normally grow bigger than any other species which can provide you abundant proteins and other nutrition values.

  • Size: normal tiger prawn can reach a length of 20-35 cm in length, female tiger prawn can grow even bigger
  • Season: Jul to Nov is the peak season, but you can find them year round

Paradise Prawn: Paradise Prawn is one of the sweetest prawns on the market. Texture of the prawn is tender and the amazing deep blue color links to the imagination of the sky and that’s why they are named Paradise Prawn. As you may not know Paradise Prawn can also be served as Sashimi Grade.

Scampi: Scampi is small and prawn-like animal with an orange-pink color body.

  • Size: Scampi can reach up to 18 cm in length, female scampi can even grow bigger
  • Season: May to Aug is the peak season for scampi.

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